viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014


-Who is the main character?
Albert Ruíz
-When vessel to start the small to make skating?
When to have 9 years
-As vessel to get are  the teacher the skating?
With effort
-Who is the your better student?
Arnau Albioli
-How troply to have winner? And lost?
-How many festive to make? And song?
-Why vessel to devote to make skating?

Why I like skating
Market Trinitat
How  many years have the shop?
Two years
What street there is the shop?

Mare de Déu de Lorda street
Whi do you make the                                                                      shop?
For collect more Money
    Maria Yague Morlesín 5è                  
Hello my name is Laura this is parter Claudia. Now we are going to enter in Espai via barcino .  In ther ringht thear are the costiums of carnival the Pandora box and in the left the Tiniteiros .
This year the Pandora box was costiums of center.

This year  they costiums of Venecia exivitionsTriniteiros

viernes, 24 de enero de 2014

The theatre of 6th

The day 31/10/13 was the party of chestnuts (castanyada). Also,the 6thclass made a play for Halloween. It was about a ghost who was  living in an English castle. In this castle came some Americans. Then, this ghost was sad because he was not scary. Also the children of the American family tried to comfort them; finally the ghost was happy because  the children help him.
The play was good but there were a fails.For example:
A boy made jokes, they spoke so low…
The play had good moments,and finallyall end good.
Marc Sánchez

Abraham López